Are American Troops Headed to Haiti?

On July 7, Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was gunned down by commandos at his home. The country erupted into chaos and investigators tried to find out who carried out the killing.

Now, Haiti’s in-between government is asking the United Nations and United States to send soldiers. They want to protect the nation from riots and damage to its infrastructure as the country preps for elections. 

In 1915, Haitian President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was forced out of the Embassy of France and beaten to death on the streets; this led then-US-President Woodrow Wilson to deploy US Marines and station them in Haiti for almost 20 years. 

Are we headed back down that road for the troubled Caribbean nation?

What Exactly Does Haiti Want?

The head of Haiti’s election system is a man by the name of Mathias Pierre.

According to Pierre, the island nation just wants “small troops” to help out bring more stability to the country.

Pierre said that if they don’t get outside help from forces from the UN or US, the country could “fall into chaos” and private property could be looted and destroyed.

He’s basically worried about civil war breaking out and the upcoming elections being unable to be held.

The question now is:

Will American or foreign troops be deployed to Haiti, and if so: when, how many, and for how long?

Will Washington Send Troops?

At this time, the Biden regime says that no troops will be headed to Haiti; although, Biden didn’t rule out sending them in the future. 

This situation has the potential to seriously escalate very rapidly. If this does intensify, the potential of a US peacekeeping force is very much a real possibility. 

Biden did send high-ranking FBI and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) officials to the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince today, however, to find out what can be done to help out in other ways. 

As for UN troops, that’s still unclear; although, the UN confirmed they have received an official letter from Haiti’s interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

The current president is Joseph Lambert, directly opposed to Joseph’s authority. They also believe Joseph shouldn’t even be PM because Moïse named Ariel Henry to be PM instead of Joseph, a day before he was gunned down. 

The country is a damn mess. 

All this sets the scene for a civil war in an already very poor and troubled nation that’s still never fully recovered from the 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 Haitians. 

What Comes Next?

Interim PM Joseph has two crucial forces on his side: the cops and the military. He says he doesn’t want a showdown with Henry or Lambert, but that they need to stop claiming to be the rightful leaders. 

It’s still not completely clear what happened with the killing of Moïse. At this point, two Haitian-Americans are under arrest; meanwhile, dozens of former Colombian military members are also arrested or dead in the shootout.

They are believed to have been mercenaries, although what exactly happened is still not clear.  Eight more suspects are still being searched for. 

The attack happened last Wednesday and Moïse’s wife was also very badly hurt; she had to be airlifted to Miami to get emergency surgery, however, she did survive. 

Haiti is overrun by gangs, political division, violence and poverty. This assassination only makes it much worse. 

Does America have a role to play or should we stay out?