Antifa Mob ATTACKS Portland Mayor at Restaurant

Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler by BrookingsInst is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Portland, Oregon has been the center of Antifa rioting for months now. Its courthouse is regularly attacked and defaced and its police have to face off against screaming radicals on a daily basis. The downtown looks like a graffiti art exhibition.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tried to take it easy on Antifa, blaming police for violence and declining help from the federal government. But last week he changed gears, calling out the group for its refusal to negotiate and disrespect for law and order.

Now activists have answered back: with a punch in the face.

Antifa Attacks Wheeler at Portland Restaurant

When he’s not busy being one of the weakest mayors in America, Wheeler does also have a personal life. He was out on a date this Thursday night when he was confronted by far-left activists in Portland’s Nob Hill neighborhood.

Wheeler and his date arrived at Cafe Nell when the group of agitators started shouting at them in the outdoor dining area.

Wheeler wasn’t amused and took out his phone to film the incident. Part of it was captured on film, although the assault was not. One of the women in the hecklers then stepped up and punched him, according to Wheeler. Experts who have studied the clips say it seems likely that Wheeler is telling the truth based on the woman’s body position as she films and her swearing at him right after likely throwing the hit.

The Antifa crowd was bizarrely calling Wheeler a “war criminal” and other accusations. When he tried to tell them to chill out and said “you need to grow up,” the spoiled Antifa brats started swearing at him even more and looking for a fight.

Wheeler and his date got their food to go, which you can’t really blame them for.

George Floyd police brutality protests – Portland Oregon – July 22 – tedder – Ted Wheeler sign – HEY TED YOU DID THIS by Tedder is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Will Wheeler Press Charges?

Wheeler has the woman on video who he says punched him. He could charge her for assault. However it seems unlikely he will do that because he routinely goes soft on Antifa and the far-left.

Let’s be honest: Wheeler might sit in the Portland mayor’s office, but dirty commies run his streets.

Wheeler knows that appeasement doesn’t work and he obviously knows that these people are not looking for peace. The lack of respect and basic decency they showed him and his date speaks volumes.

But he seems to believe that by playing it cool he’ll end up defusing the situation. The truth, of course, is that only an overwhelming show of force in support of law and order will be enough to send these buffoons back to their basements.

As if you needed further proof look at what was happening just as Wheeler was being harassed in a restaurant: a group of 50 Antifa fanatics went around downtown Portland smashing windows. Because they could. Or…transgender rights or something?

The last thing America needs right now is more broken infrastructure, more disorder and more division. These parasitic fake revolutionaries in Antifa, BLM and associated groups might not get the media coverage they should be getting but they deserve to be called out each and every day.

While the mainstream media may demonize Trump supporters for trying to protest at the Capitol – and ignores that an unarmed Trump supporter was gunned down in the Capitol hallway – they will eventually face Antifa extremists like Wheeler is and find out that they are much, much more dangerous than angry Trump supporters.

The best time to deal with the Antifa threat was yesterday. The second best time is right now.