Americans Discriminated in US to the Benefit of Illegal Immigrants

The day when Americans have become discriminated against in their own country in order to favor foreigners is already here.

It has been uncovered that a luxury hotel in Chicago is letting in only illegal immigrants, whereas citizens of the United States are not even allowed to enter.

The Next Level of Woke Hatred of America

Illegal immigrants are not only allowed to waltz in through the US-Mexican border any way they please, but they are also getting privileged treatment once they get to major American cities.

Yet, even this has been taken to the “next” America-hating level. US nationals are now being excluded and refused services, simply because they happen to be American.

Such an outrageous development was uncovered by William Kelly, a Chicago-based reporter. He found the Inn of Chicago, a luxury hotel on Magnificent Mile, is inaccessible to Americans.

Instead, “only illegal [immigrants] are allowed” to get accommodation there, The Gateway Pundit reported. The website of the Inn of Chicago proudly informs the American public that it is closed for reservations through July 2023.

At the same time, it is hosting illegal aliens.

To top it all off, the hotel staff is behaving aggressively towards any American who even dares to enter the venue. Kelly was not only refused information, but he was also told he “wasn’t welcome” since he “wasn’t a resident” of the Inn.

“It is very disturbing,” the journalist told Fox News.

Illegal Immigration Plus Violent Crime Equals…

Kelly paints an apocalyptic picture of the area around Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Retailers are fleeing because of rampant violent crime, declining tourism, struggling hotels – plus a luxury hotel that is being utilized for the sole purpose of “housing migrants.”

The reporter also emphasized that the residents of Chicago were “kept in the dark” about the situation in question. He warned future the illegal immigrant arrangement for the city’s downtown is a “ticking time bomb.”

Chicago is about to enter its “notorious murder season.” Law enforcement is embattled and understaffed and Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson seemingly has no clue how to handle the issue.

Kelly discovered the majority of the migrants housed in the Inn were illegal aliens from Venezuela.