Americans Fault the Left’s Policies for Increasing Violent Crime

The crime wave in America has people worried for their families and communities. This is especially true in blue cities, where the rates of murder, rape, theft, and assault have skyrocketed.

Now, a new poll out from Morning Consult shows who Americans blame; it’s very bad news for Joe Biden and the left.

New Poll Puts the Pressure on Biden

The new Morning Consult poll shows a stunning 75 percent of American voters believe the left’s defund the police movement is one of the main reasons for the rise in violent crime.

Even though many police departments like Minneapolis walked back their initial attempts to defund the police, the damage was already done. These efforts, combined with the disastrous lockdown policies of the Democrats, combined to form a horrific crime wave.

This survey by Morning Consult shows you are not alone if you feel outraged about the defund the police movement and believe it is linked to rising crime. The poll was conducted between February 5 and 6.

Specifically, it shows 49 percent of voters think the defund the police movement is the primary reason for the rise in violent crime, while about 25 percent think it’s one of various reasons for the rise in crime.

The remaining 25 percent feel that defund the police rhetoric and actions has no actual link to the rise in crime. Together, that’s about 75 percent of the country who’s sick of the left’s pro-crime activism.

Have the Democrats Learned Their Lesson?

Polls like this should be a big wake-up call for the Democrats, as we head into the midterm election cycle. However, it’s clear the party hasn’t really learned its lesson, with people like Congresswoman Cori Bush still using the loaded slogan “defund the police.”

As for Biden and his fair-weather friends, they’ve rethought this line of attack. They are finally realizing most Americans don’t remember the summer of 2020 fondly.

While we were all told to stay inside to save lives, BLM activists and anarchists were encouraged by Biden, Kamala Harris, and the mainstream media to rampage through the streets burning, killing, and looting.

We were told this would somehow stop racism or police violence. All it actually did was cause enormous property damage and divide the country even further.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on the Morning Consult poll and the current situation with violent crime is Americans are waking up.

They know mainstream politicians are lying to them; they know the George Floyd protests and BLM never did a thing to stand up for our rights or freedoms.

Violent crime is turning into a plague in this nation and Americans are rightly worried. More and more polls are going to show similar results of people who no longer have patience for the lies of the left.