American Hero Laid to Rest in Emotional Ceremony

Yesterday was a sad day in Arlington, Texas. A funeral service was held for Sergeant Bishop E. Evans of the Texas National Guard.

This American hero will live forever in the memories of his family and loved ones and also in the hearts of a grateful nation.

Evans drowned on Friday, April 22 close to Eagle Pass, Texas while serving on Operation Lone Star to secure our southern border.

The mission was ordered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and comprised over 6,000 Texas Guard troops, including Evans.

Honoring a Hero

Evans was only 22. He drowned while serving on Operation Lone Star near the Rio Grande river. While patrolling, Evans heard several individuals shouting out for help.

They were drowning in the rough currents of the river after trying to cross into America. This young man jumped in and saved two of the individuals who were drowning. Though in the process, his own body was pulled under and he disappeared.

A search took place for four days until Evans’ body was found washed up downriver. The two illegal aliens who he saved with compassion turned out to be drug dealers.

They were people who are contributing to the fentanyl and drug crisis, which is murdering hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens.

Evans didn’t know that at the time he risked his life to save these men. He jumped in the raging waters as one human being to another because he was raised to do what’s right.

Evans was a Specialist in the Texas National Guard but has been promoted to Sergeant in death.

The Best of Us

Evans was the best of us. At his funeral, family and friends wiped away tears and he was also given the Lone Star Medal of Valor for his heroic actions.

Evans’ stepdad and mom said he was exactly the kind of hero who always put others first. They say Evans was friends with everyone and always won people over with his charm and authenticity.

This young man highlights why our country is so great and so unique. We are the nation that truly steps in when the going gets rough; we have young men and women who do not shy away when a crisis comes.

Joe Biden hasn’t said anything about Evans and doesn’t even seem to care about the horrific tragedies that are happening daily on our southern border.

Whereas the rest of us do care, and we’re watching.

Rest in Peace, Sergeant Evans

Sergeant Evans did a very brave thing a week ago when he jumped in that water. He risked his life to save people who shouldn’t have even been near our country in the first place.

Let’s honor his memory and protect our southern border and our nation.