America Under the Biden Regime: A Look Back at 2021

This has been a hard year for patriots. The Joe Biden regime is full of clowns, but their show is anything but funny.

They have stuck Trump supporters in jail without trial, pushed an experimental vaccine on everyone, and lied about every important issue facing this country.

Here’s a look back at 2021 and life under the Biden regime.

2021: A Dark Year for America

As I said, this has been a hard year for patriots. Anyone who cares about America has had a burden on their heart because of what this administration is doing.

Biden came in with promises of unity, beating COVID, and restoring our economy. One year in, we have the highest inflation in half a century, a country on the brink of civil war, and COVID worse than ever.

Our hospitals don’t have enough nurses since Biden fired those who wouldn’t get the ineffective and experimental COVID vaccines.

He abandoned our troops behind in Afghanistan, as well as innocent Americans, disastrously pulling all our troops out of Bagram airbase. This came on top of Biden surrendering any hold we had on the security situation, while stranding our people to terrorists.

He’s opened our border to over 1.6 million illegal aliens, and that’s just those who’ve been caught. Biden is at odds with our allies and has very few friends around the world.

Meanwhile, Russia gathers troops on the border of Ukraine and China gets ready to go to war. Biden hasn’t put America First and it’s hurt us very badly.

Will We Survive?

The spirit of America is stronger than any one president. Our country has been chosen to be a light among the nations and we have a special place to play in the world.

Everybody talks down about America, but when push comes to shove, even foreigners know there is nowhere else on earth that comes close to the land where the stars and stripes fly.

There is nothing else like America and there never will be. No other nation could have withstood the lies, evil, and deceit we’ve been through this year and still survive.

We’ve not only survived, but we also have conservative leaders like Ron DeSantis who are actively fighting back. While Canada, Australia, and Europe sink into the darkness of bio-fascism, America still has pockets of light.

We will survive and we will come out of the other side of this trial even stronger than we are at this time.

America Will Prosper Once Again

The truth is America will prosper. We are destined to be a nation of success and truth. Those who hold us back from that destiny will eventually fall away and wither by the roadside.

Their lies, negativity, and anti-American policies have no place in our minds or our hearts. The Biden days have been dark, but soon they will be over.