America is Banning Russian Oil

The US government is set to announce that all imports of Russian oil will be banned.

The move is being taken along with European partners and is intended back Russia into a corner and stop the war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden told NATO allies about his plan to block the oil recently; although the US only accounts for 8% of Russia’s oil exports. Major importers of Russian oil, such as the UK and Germany, have still not committed to blocking their oil.

How much of a difference will this make?

Blocking Russian Oil

Blocking Russian oil will be a symbolic move at this point, considering that only 8% of Russia’s oil makes its way to the United States. Nonetheless, as Russia nears two weeks of its invasion of Ukraine, our Congress is in discussion about much more serious measures.

Russia has already been largely cut off from the international financial system, including major credit card companies. It’s also detaching itself from the internet and becoming separated from the rest of the world.

As America gets set to ban import of any Russian oil to our shores, Moscow is already diplomatically and politically isolated. It’s Central Bank has been sanctioned and the ruble currency has lost over 50% of its value in the last several.

Our Congress is now considering banning all imports from Russia altogether. This would include all products, industrial services, technology and other trade relationships being cut off completely.

When Will Germany Take Action?

Germany is the economic heart of the European Union (EU). It has played a double game with Russia for decades now, along with liberal leaders like Barack Obama.

They all tolerated and encouraged Russia in order to keep the oil flowing, instead of getting our energy flowing at home in America and strengthening ties between the EU and America in energy.

Now that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has gone berserk and put his plans for a Russian empire fully into action, the rest of the EU and the Biden regime have been left with egg on their faces.

The question now is whether Germany will consider banning Russian oil. Germany is currently led by a man called Olaf Scholz, who came after former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Scholz said Germany is working on finding other ways to generate energy, but it’s not currently realistic for his nation to turn off the taps on Russian oil.

Why is the US Doing This?

During a recent call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia asked what America can do at this time to help. Zelensky repeated his call for a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Though Zelensky also said if that can’t happen, then a ban on importing Russian oil would be a good move forward.

This move from the US is mainly symbolic, but Washington is hoping it will start momentum to isolate Russia even further and stop its war machine.