America Has Big Lessons to Learn From the History of Other Countries

America is the greatest country in the world, obviously, but we are also one of the newest. We have lessons we can learn from other, older nations which will help us survive and thrive as a country.

The truth is various countries have struggled in the way we are now: with inflation, rabid communists, our institutions being overtaken by the left, and a lying, shameless elite.

We’re far from alone. Let’s look at one nation that struggled against the far left and won: Hungary.

Learning from Hungary’s History

Hungary became great, turned decadent and overrun by the left, and then came back from the clutches of communism to restore a republic and conservative realism.

Hungary lost everything and was worn down to almost nothing, but it came back from that.

First of all, Hungary was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from 1541 to 1699, with the Muslim religion ruling over them and life controlled by the foreign powers in Turkey.

The House of Habsburg from Austria eventually came to the rescue, saving Hungary from the Ottomans, but then taking over themselves. So much for freedom. Hungarians had to fight another war against these occupiers in 1849 with Russian help.

Eventually, the Hungarians and Habsburgs signed a deal and became the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This fell after the defeat of the Empire in World War I by the allies. After a brief turn to communism, Romanians took over and supported a government led by the nationalists under Admiral Miklós Horthy, who took over for the next 25 years.

The country was severely messed up by the constant swings to left and right. Then World War II and the Holocaust came, followed by more communism after the war.

Fast Forward to 1956

In 1956, a portion of brave Hungarians revolted against communist rule, briefly restoring the republic, until being taken over once again by a brutal communist system that lasted until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

Hungary is now under a center-right leader who supports freedom and the right of the nation to pursue its own interests.

Hungarians fought and died against “woke” ideas. They know what’s under their cry bully veneer: terror and horror.

The Soviet Union was the face of global communist terror at that time. Whereas, now in America, we have Soviet ideology inside our schools and media systems.

We have wokeness, far-left gender, and economic Marxism worming its way into our young people. We even have socialists in Congress, with no shame in blurting out their insane beliefs.

Hungary shows us just how bad things can get when you let the far left take too much ground.

The Bottom Line

Let’s learn the lessons of Hungary’s history. National identity and unity are vital; the far left can never be treated as a joke. They are deadly serious threats to this nation.