America Freedom Trucker Convoy is Only Several Days From DC

The freedom trucker convoy in Canada got the whole world’s attention. They even caused Canadian leader Justin Trudeau to go into hiding.

Then, he became extreme, declaring martial law to arrest and beat the truckers so they would go home.

However, the spirit of freedom is far from dead; a large group of American truckers is currently making its way from California to Washington, D.C.

How Big is the Convoy?

The convoy is being cheered on every step of the way as patriots stand up for America.

It has already gone through Indiana and now has over 7,000 trucks involved and taking part. That is going to cause very big traffic jams in the small city of DC; let me tell you.

Winding its way out of California and across the heartland, the truckers’ message has been simple: bring back liberty to America. End the mandates, the forced vaccinations, and the masking. Let our kids go to school, let our businesses make money.

The message is essentially to follow our Constitution and stop allowing unelected tyrants like Dr. Fauci to run this country and its economy into the ground.

It’s really not a radical message. However, when inflation is sky high and the world is coming apart at the seams, there are lots of excuses from the liberal establishment.

These 7,000 truckers are coming around to remind us that there’s never a justifiable time to ignore liberty and the Constitution.

Inspired by Canada

Many of these freedom truckers say they were inspired by Canada and its freedom trucker movement. Thousands of Canadian truckers went from the West of Canada above Seattle to the east in the capital of Ottawa.

They then set up street parties and rallies in the capital city to speak on behalf of freedom and a better future for us and our families.

As I mentioned, Canada’s communist-loving leader Justin Trudeau absolutely lost his marbles, even moving to financially freeze the accounts of anyone who’d supported the truckers.

Though his overreaction, if anything, just showed people how much the protests worked. They’d shown people we’re not dealing with reasonable governments here; we’re dealing with petty and stupid tyrants.

The Bottom Line

It remains to be seen what Joe Biden does once these truckers arrive.

We know when Trudeau overreacted, Biden said nothing to criticize him. If anything, it’s obvious the Biden regime admires what Trudeau did and his loyalty to the World Economic Forum.

As these truckers arrive in DC, it’s going to be a tense situation; they will be blamed for traffic jams and problems with the supply chain.

Though just remember that getting back your freedom is never an easy prospect; sometimes, very inconvenient measures can have positive consequences in the end.