Alec Baldwin Dodges All Blame in First Interview Since He Shot a Woman Dead on Set

On October 21, actor Alec Baldwin shot videographer Halyna Hutchins dead on the set of the movie Rust. Baldwin has long been a loud, anti-Trump liberal who’s whined about the dangers of guns and conservatives.

Yet, on October 21, he showed just how hollow his opinions are. Now, he’s on a media tour, giving his first interview since the incident to Clinton insider and Democrat activist George Stephanopoulos, who also happens to be a host on ABC.

The worst thing is Baldwin is now claiming the victim isn’t the woman he killed: it’s him.

What Did Baldwin Say?

Stephanopoulos just sat there and let Baldwin say whatever he wanted. He buttered him up with all sorts of sympathy and let Baldwin say the worst thing of all: it was Hutchins’ fault that he killed her.

According to Baldwin, Hutchins told him to hold the gun a certain way near her side. She was in charge and he listened. Baldwin then said the gun just fired: yes, he claims he didn’t pull the trigger.

He didn’t want to hurt her in any way and would never have “pointed” a weapon at someone, Baldwin claimed. He then added he would “never” have pulled a trigger even on a prop gun.

Forensic experts say Baldwin’s story isn’t possible. The trigger somehow got pulled, that much is clear. The weapon was a single-action Colt revolver that can be touchy. However, it doesn’t fire without the trigger being depressed.

That’s not how guns work.

Why is Baldwin Making These Ridiculous Excuses?

Whether or not Baldwin thinks he’s telling the truth, his story is highly bizarre. It appears he’s in a lot of denial here and he’s doing what Hollywood celebrities always do: playing the victim.

We need to be fair about Baldwin’s behavior in the aftermath of this tragedy. He didn’t behave in any way that a respectable person should who’s just made a horrific mistake.

He took off with his wife to Vermont. His wife Hilaria tagged along with him to shriek at the media and make all sorts of strange comments. Meanwhile, Hutchins’ family is traumatized beyond belief, while the Baldwins have been posting self-righteous garbage about their happy family on Halloween.

Now, Baldwin is crying a river in front of a Democrat operative disguised as a journalist and we’re supposed to eat this up? It’s highly offensive to Hutchins’ family and it’s completely unacceptable.

The Bottom Line

Exactly what happened on the film set and why Baldwin was given a hot gun still needs to be fully investigated.

The point is the sickening way in which the leftist media tries to hype up celebrity culture and make excuses for bloated elitists like Baldwin, even when they’re guilty of killing someone.