Actor Matthew McConaughey Comes Out Swinging Against Vax Mandate

Most of Hollywood is very left-wing and marches in line with an extremist liberal and progressive narrative. There are only a rare few who step out of line in any way and risk the fury of their fellow leftist lunatics.

One of those who sometimes speaks his mind is actor Matthew McConaughey. Not only is he one of the most famous actors in the world, but McConaughey also has very libertarian roots and a conservative family background.

He’s never been fully sold on the leftist belief system; however, McConaughey’s maintained the Christian faith, despite Hollywood’s hatred of the Christian religion.

Now, McConaughey is speaking out against COVID vax mandates, especially when it comes to young children. Every person has a limit, and McConaughey has clearly reached his.

What Did McConaughey Say?

Speaking to the fake news New York Times, McConaughey said vaccinating your kids is something parents should decide, not the government.

Even just a few years ago, that would have been a very normal thing to say; however, now that the cult of Dr. Fauci and the far left has taken over this nation, it’s a revolutionary statement.

Imagine it being controversial to speak in support of freedom in America in 2021, but that’s exactly where we’re at. McConaughey said further that he doesn’t want to “force” the vaccine on young kids without having more details on what exactly is in the vaccines.

McConaughey also said he thinks vaccination has become overly polarized and about politics more than science (fact check: true!). He also said he’s tired of the misinformation coming from the right and especially the left (fact check: true!).

McConaughey is far from perfect, however, and said the idea of mask mandates still makes sense to him. Yet, he thinks the vaccines still aren’t settled science and we’re still finding out many new things about them.

McConaughey Exposes Truth on COVID Deaths

Talking more about the vaccinations, McConaughey said the left was very dishonest about COVID deaths, counting everyone who died even from the “common cold” as COVID and trying to inflate the numbers to scare everyone.

Meanwhile, on the right, he feels many conservatives were too dismissive of COVID and didn’t take it seriously enough. This created a rift with both sides becoming unrealistic, according to McConaughey.

Still, as team sports pick back up and everybody isn’t dying, McConaughey says people need to be honest that clearly much of what we were told about superspreader events wasn’t correct.

As for the vaccine, he’s concerned vaxxed people are still just as infectious and he doesn’t understand the logic behind seeing the vaccines as the real solution to COVID.

Although he and his wife are both vaccinated, McConaughey doesn’t believe there’s enough information out yet to pressure kids to get vaxxed. He thinks the vaccines should remain a matter of personal choice.