Actor Matthew McConaughey Calls Out Left-Wing Hypocrisy

"Matthew McConaughey" by david.torcivia is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Not everyone in Hollywood is a Trump-hating fanatic. Actor Matthew McConaughey has had enough of his fellow celebrities treating conservatives like dirt and he recently spoke out about it in an interview with the British comedian Russell Brand.

McConaughey: the Left Tends to ‘Condescend’ and ‘Patronize’ Those on the Right

Appearing on Brand’s “Under the Skin” podcast, McConaughey said that liberals have moved too far toward dehumanizing conservatives and living in a bubble that’s detached from reality.

“There is a lot on that illiberal Left that absolutely condescend, patronize, or are arrogant towards that other 50%,” McConaughey noted, adding “many people who are in – I’m sure you saw it – in our industry, when Trump was voted in four years ago, they were in denial that it was real, and some of them were in absolute denial.”

While McConaughey said some conservatives go too far into believing everything they don’t like is “fake news” and stereotyping the left, he did reserve his harshest judgments for liberals and leftists who shut down any chance for cooperation with prejudiced and “arrogant” attitudes.

Calling Out the Left’s Counterproductive Behavior

As McConaughey noted, the left had deep problems accepting President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory. Many still haven’t accepted it and in a way the spying on the Trump campaign, prosecution of his associates and attempted impeachment can all be looked at as extensions of the Democratic party and American left’s refusal to accept the reality that Trump is their president.

Now that the right has questions about vote fraud in this election, McConaughey said he understands the sentiment but hopes that all Americans can find a way to work together and start to rebuild bridges. Unfortunately, McConaughey noted that liberals often shut down any chance of dialog.

“Matthew McConaughey and Scott Rice host conversation with film director and screenwriter Jeff Nichols” by UT Moody College of Communication is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“When you say, ‘Hey, we want to get out the vote; we want people to be able to go vote; we’re going to do a campaign to let people vote.’ I’m like, 100%. Yes, everyone. Is there anyone who would say no to that? That’s universal. You have 100% of the audience going, ‘I’m in, that’s a constitutional right as an American, I’m in, yes!’” McConaughey explained, adding that instead of ending it there, progressives will generally throw in an angry, partisan jibe.

“And then they can’t help themselves. At the very end of it, they go, ‘So we don’t let those criminal b*stards get back in office.’ You’re going, ‘Whoa!’ You’re like, no, don’t say the last part. You lost 50% of your audience,” McConaughey added.

“And that’s part of why so much of the nation, of that 50%, looks at us in Hollywood as, like, going, ‘Oh, yeah, another celebrity over there, and the West Coasters, and the elite in the Northeast.’”

Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Bias

McConaughey is clearly not just a good-looking movie star, he also has some brains. As a devout Christian, McConaughey doesn’t share the secular, anti-Christian views of many in Hollywood and believes that religion and science “dance together.”

Despite being an easygoing and left-leaning guy, the fact that McConaughey doesn’t share the exact same views on religion as many progressives in his midst has put him in uncomfortable situations before. Several months ago on Joe Rogan’s show he revealed that when he talks about his faith in God in front of liberal peers they will sometimes stop clapping and that even fellow believers will sometimes pretend not to support him in public so they don’t also get identified as weird religious people.

Hollywood’s extensive anti-Christian bias and disturbing pro-drug, pro-crime and pro-casual-sex film content – some of which, to be fair, is also found in some of McConaughey’s films – is just one of the many reasons millions of Americans are tuning out the box office.

Still, McConaughey’s honesty about the bias and prejudice held by many progressive celebrities is a breath of fresh air: after all, you can’t work towards solving a problem until you admit you have it in the first place.