Accused Austin Shooter Stephen Broderick Arrested

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Three individuals were gunned down on Sunday morning in northwest Austin, Texas.

According to police, the killings were related to an “isolated domestic situation” and were never aimed at the general public, but needless to say Austin residents were rattled. 

The manhunt for the suspect began immediately: 41-year-old former police detective Stephen Broderick.

He stayed on the loose until early this morning until police received a helpful call saying that a suspicious man was walking along Highway 290 in the Austin suburb of Manor.

Police responded and found Broderick, arresting him and taking him into custody.

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What Happened in the Shooting?

According to police, the killings were part of a private situation and occurred at a northwest Austin apartment. Residents were told to hide and shelter in place.

Police responded to the shooting and found three individuals who were badly injured by gunshot wounds. Paramedics arrived and tried to do CPR but all three died rapidly. 

The victims were two adult females and one young adult male. They have been identified as Broderick’s wife, teen daughter and his teen daughter’s high school football star boyfriend.

His daughter has been identified by the Elgin Independent School District as Alyssa Broderick and the young man has been identified as Willie Simmons III. The third woman is Broderick’s wife, Amanda Broderick.

“We are heartbroken by the news of this senseless tragedy, and we extend our deepest condolences to the families of Willie Simmons III and Alyssa Broderick,” the EISD said.

Alyssa dropped out of high school last fall, but attended from 2009 and was a successful student who also excelled on the girls’ basketball team. Simmons was a senior who was well liked by classmates and was an outstanding student as well as captain of the football team. He’d been recently recruited by the University of North Texas to play for them after high school. 

“The Elgin ISD community grieves the loss of these two young, promising souls. In response to this tragedy, the district will have counselors and trained professionals available via in person and/or virtually to assist students, staff and families in this time of grief,” the district added. 

What Do We Know About Stephen Broderick?

Stephen Broderick is a former sherriff’s office detective who resigned last year after accused and briefly jailed for two weeks in June for allegedly sexually molesting a 16-year-old female relative. Broderick has a pending felony charge in the matter for sexual assault of a minor and.

According to his alleged victim, Broderick sexually assaulted her at her home in Elgin Texas. His wife Amanda had filed for divorce after the incident and got a restraining order on him after his arrest, followed by Broderick resigning after getting out of jail on a reduced bond. 

This tragic situation will likely be cited as an example of the need for more gun control by the left, but the truth is that it’s an example of how far downhill this country is heading in terms of family breakdown and social disorder. 

Broderick is clearly a sick individual who belonged in jail or under confined psychiatric evaluation, but the larger pattern taking place here is the breakdown of American society and the American family. When values go out the window, unstable and monstrous fathers like Broderick become more and more common.

Men used to be strong and protect women and children. Now far too many are irresponsible, mentally unhinged psychopaths who can’t deal with their own emotions, abuse others and lash out and blame other people for their own mistakes. 

It’s time to bring back real men in America. The kind of men who would shoot down Broderick before he ever got a chance to abuse or harm anyone else.