A Whopping Nine Members of Sleepy Joe’s Family Have Foreign Money!

We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing about the Biden family’s escapades with foreign conglomerates and the many deals they made long before Joe was part of the Obama administration.

This time, however, the stakes are much higher. House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer found that nine members of our president’s family have received foreign payments at least once in their lives.

The plot thickens

Comer addressed an entire room of reporters at the Capitol, presenting them with evidence of the prodigal son Hunter receiving an entire $1 million while Joe was vice president alongside Barack Obama.

Comer then went on to name eight other members of Biden’s family who are also involved in shady deals just like Hunter was, including one of his grandchildren. It’s not often you see a grandchild receiving a wire transfer from a Chinese conglomerate.

Joe’s niece Caroline pleaded guilty to using over $100k on a credit card she’d stolen, only for data from Hunter’s infamous laptop to show she’d taken an $85k job. This job would allow her to spend the majority of her probation period with her cousins in California.

On the other hand, Frank Biden, Joe’s second brother, whose two children work for NBC and as a nurse practitioner, wasn’t mentioned in the report.

Why is no one talking about this?

The issue lies in the fact that a lot of these transfers were made to accounts only identifiable by the name Biden. This is including $80k in payments from Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu and a $70k wire transfer from CEFC China Energy.

Of course, Hunter and James being involved in all these shady business deals came as a surprise to none; they’re infamous for demanding millions from countries like China, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine.

Because of this, a lot of the attention was shifted away from the rest of the Biden family, that is, until Comer decided to shed some light on whatever the other members were involved in.

Comer identified Hallie Biden, who was the recipient of $10k from Popoviciu in early 2017 and another $25k later that year from the CEFC China Energy deal.

Naturally, the White House had no comment on this development. It’ll take a Christmas miracle for all of this not to be swept under the rug for at least another two years.

Winning the upcoming presidential election is Joe’s last shot at another four years in the White House. If the people are aware of just how corrupt he and his family are, there’s no telling what it’ll do to his approval rating.

That being said, things are not looking up for the Biden administration. It may take a lot less than these revelations to completely foil their plans of winning the 2024 presidential election.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.