A Leftist Shooter Who Wounded Elderly Pro-life Protester Only Gets Community Service

Crime doesn’t pay, but it sure as hell does go unpunished. One pro-choice shooter in Michigan received only 100 days of community service for opening fire on an elderly pro-life activist.

The woman in question, Joan Jacobson, a retired nurse, was going from door to door, handing out flyers opposing Proposal 3. This legalizes abortions in the state of Michigan.

Our justice system is a joke…

Naturally, this is quite a hot topic these days.

Jacobson encountered more than a few who opposed her idea, including Sharon Harvey, a radical leftist, whose husband Richard later shot the 84-year-old nurse as she was leaving their property.

All three of the parties involved in the altercation are elderly residents in the area. This doesn’t justify firing a warning shot, only to follow it up by actually shooting the person in the back.

That being said, Harvey didn’t deny shooting the woman. It was almost as if he held pride in his actions, as the police report shows him calling her a “right-wing nut” on several occasions.

Richard pled guilty to all the charges, resulting in him receiving only community service as punishment, including a payment of $347.19 in restitution to the woman he shot.

This is absurd, especially for a case where the person was clearly not going to prolong the argument and didn’t pose any danger to Harvey or his family.

The 75-year-old was given 100 hours of community service and an order to not have any contact with Joan Jacobson, the 84-year-old woman he shot in the back.

Democrats were the violent ones all along

The 911 call that Sharon Harvey made after her husband shot the woman on their property makes it seem as if no one was injured in the violent argument the three had.

Harvey’s wife even claimed her husband only “nicked her” with the gun, referring to the potentially fatal wound in Jacobson’s back.

Richard Harvey could be heard in the background for the entire duration of the call, calling Jacobson a “right-wing nut.”

He was claiming she refused to leave the property, even though evidence shows she was on the way to her car when the follow-up shots came.

Thankfully, Joan managed to make her way to her car and drive off to the nearest police station, where she was offered assistance and had her wounds treated.

She added the elderly couple didn’t even try to help her even after she’d been shot. They called 911 only after she made it to her car when they realized what they’d done.

Currently, there’s no justification for shooting the elderly pro-life activist. The fact a warning shot was fired is more than enough proof that Harvey knew the gun was loaded and fully functional.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.