A Hidden Crisis is Killing America, and It Has Nothing to Do with COVID

If you listen to our liberal politicians and media, America has two main problems: COVID and Trump supporters. If you take a look at reality, you’ll find something far different.

There’s a silent killer that’s taking far more healthy young lives than COVID without any real pushback; moreover, there’s a leftist attitude that’s robbing an entire generation of their lives.

It’s stealing loved ones from families, crushing dreams, and filling mortuaries across our nation. The powerful opioid drug fentanyl is now responsible for killing more Americans between 18 to 45 than anything else in the country.

The Silent Killer

We’ve all known fentanyl is a crisis in this country; however, what we didn’t know was just how bad it’s become. In fact, between last year and this year, we’ve lost 79,000 Americans between the ages of 18 to 45, due to this deadly drug.

That includes 37,208 last year and 41,587 this year. That’s a huge killer of our men and women, stripping society of what should be its strongest demographic.

Instead of working and leading lives of joy and family, these individuals are becoming addicted to dangerous substances with fentanyl and dying tragically.

Fentanyl can be legally prescribed in rare situations, but the majority of it is illegally bought and sold. It is often bought on the street or laced into other street drugs.

Fentanyl is an opioid-like substance that’s artificially created; yet, it’s much stronger than heroin or opioid-based drugs, like oxycodone. Even a small trace of it in weed, meth, or heroin can send someone to the morgue in record time.

Where is This Dangerous Drug Coming From?

As I said, in rare cases of severe pain, fentanyl is legally prescribed.

However, the main sources of this drug for illegal purposes are in two places: China and Mexico. As illegal immigrants spill across our border, they are also laced with dealers and traffickers of all kinds, including those selling sex slaves, fentanyl, weapons, and every other illegal thing you can imagine.

As for China, it’s a cruel communist country ruled by a dictator called Xi Jinping, which is a giant factory for dangerous drugs that kill Americans. They don’t care if our sons and daughters die; it’s only a bonus for their desire to collapse America.

This national emergency requires a real response, not just more words. There’s a reason fentanyl is sprayed as a military weapon in combat by some nations. It’s not a drug; it’s a weapon of war.

China and Mexico’s actions are a declaration of war; their nations must be forced to crack down on producers and traffickers. Dealers caught with fentanyl in the United States and convicted should face the death penalty.

Where Do We Go From Here?

In some cases, naloxone and Narcan can be used to rescue someone who is overdosing. However, these latest statistics are horrifying.

Biden increased the penalties financially on those caught dealing fentanyl in other countries, but that’s not enough. It’s time to get very serious, very fast.