91-Year-Old New York Man Gives Thief a Beating

Blue cities across America have become battlegrounds, but unlike in Ukraine where a foreign army is invading, these cities are not being invaded by another hostile country.

They’re being invaded by homegrown killers, thugs, gangsters, drug dealers, mentally ill psychopaths, deranged perverts, scammers, and unhinged carjackers.

Democrat-run cities like Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, and Minneapolis simply aren’t safe to walk or drive around in anymore. This is especially true for women and the elderly.

You just never know when a street creature could rise up to savagely attack you or end your life. The latest example comes out of Manhattan.

Bus Stop Beatdown

A 91-year-old gentleman was waiting at a bus stop early Monday morning in the Midtown area of Manhattan. He was just trying to get a bus and not looking for any trouble.

That’s when a limping panhandler approached, asking him for some spare change. Being a considerate guy, the old guy gave him four bucks. The panhandler wasn’t happy about the amount he was given and got angry.

The panhandler then came after the old man with his cane and tried to savagely beat him. The 91-year-old man had his own cane and valiantly defended himself against this piece of street trash.

The old man defended himself so well that the pathetic thug took off on foot to get away. The old man was then taken to hospital with minor injuries, but alive and well.

NYPD Identified the Perp

The NYPD was able to identify the perpetrator who was taken into custody and subjected to a psychiatric exam. This is the Democrats’ America.

You can beat an old man and give him cuts on his face with your cane and you get a free psychiatric evaluation and sympathy.

The old man even gave this creep money, but it wasn’t enough. You try to help someone out and they respond with violence and criminality. It’s enough to make anyone sick of hearing the victim narrative ever again.

It’s unclear what legal punishment this suspect will face, if any. In New York City and other Democrat-run cities, savage situations like this play out every day.

In particular, inner-city people have been attacking and beating Asians and Asian-Americans with some sort of racist attitude.

It’s certainly very disturbing; although you won’t hear Biden talk about any of this unless he can use it to try to take guns away from law-abiding Americans or push childhood transgender operations.

The Bottom Line

The only way the old man’s heroic defense of himself against this thug could be any better is if our old friend had been packing heat.

That perpetrator should have been dropped in the street and been bleeding from both legs en route to a painful ambulance ride. Enough is enough!