50 Portland Cops Resign from Special Unit After City’s Betrayal

When you do your job to the best of your ability and all you hear are lies and criticism, it can be hard. 

All too often, that’s what’s happening to America’s police across the country. Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, and Democrat politicians leverage hate against police in order to avoid having to actually improve anything in their communities. 

However, a core group of Portland police officers had it even worse than that. 

Portland Police Bureau’s protest response unit is made up of cops who serve extra time in order to keep the city safe from riots – of which there are many. 

Not only have they been blamed for doing their job (and responding to over three months of demonstrations every night), but the unit had one of their members indicted for simply responding to leftist violence and defending himself. 

A Year of Violence

The past year in particular has been a real nightmare in Portland. Antifa and other leftist rabble spend day after day defacing and trying to burn the courthouse downtown, causing all sorts of problems for police.

The protest response unit reacted to that, volunteering their time as cops to serve extra shifts and go out and keep the streets safe. 

In return they got no extra pay or recognition: just the satisfaction of knowing they were helping keep Portland a little bit safer from the monsters under the bed (or in the basement, more accurately).

Now, all 50 members of this volunteer unit have resigned after one of their own was indicted for defending himself from vicious violence.

After all, why would you give your time and put yourself in danger when the thanks you get is a guilty sentence in a court of law?

None of us would do that. 

Threatened and Blamed at Home

Members of the unit also faced numerous threats from rabid progressives. These radicals told law enforcement they’d come, find, kill, rape and beat up their families. Then, progressives tried to track them down and do so. 

Unit members were repeatedly demonized by local progressive politicians as well; these politicians used them as a scapegoat even though Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler – who has been attacked by Antifa himself – turned down federal help from President Trump when Trump was still in office. 

These cops tried to plug that gap and in return, they got in trouble. 

Corey Budworth, a member of the protest response unit, got charged after hitting a woman with a baton, which he says was an accident. 

Meanwhile, no actual charges were brought against those committing all the violence, arson, destruction and threats. 

Although Wheeler has admitted that many of the “public gatherings” (leftist protests) have been “violent and destructive,” he hasn’t actually done anything to provide more backing to the unit or given them assurances of change in the future. 

So they all quit. This is what happens when you allow a city to descend into lawlessness and then don’t even back those who stand up against it. The good guys quit and let the voters who voted Democrat have what they asked for.