19 States with Bigger GOP Hold than Florida Could See ‘Ron Revolution’

There are a total of 19 other states throughout the nation where the Republican Party enjoys even more categorical legislative majorities than it does in Florida.

Those may be about to have their own “Ron Revolutions,” that is, the adoption of measures to beat back radical leftist encroachments against the American people, a report reveals.

Dems Utilized Their State Majorities Better than GOP

Florida, under the leadership of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 presidential hopeful, has been making national headlines by utilizing its GOP legislative majorities to fend off Democratic onslaughts.

Yet, that is now leading to question why other GOP-run states nationwide, where Republicans have even more power, aren’t taking the same or at least similarly decisive measures.

This could be their own “Ron Revolutions,” according to a detailed report by The Daily Wire.

The report points out that the Republican Party presently holds legislative majorities and governorships in a total of 22 states. In contrast, the Democrats dominate only 17 states; while, in 11 states, the governments are divided.

Against this backdrop, it turns out that oftentimes, Republican-led states don’t adopt policies in accordance with their ruling party’s agenda, which Democrat-run states tend to do more efficiently.

Gearing Up for Their Own ‘Ron Revolutions’

The report cites the National Council of State Legislatures data from 2021, from when DeSantis was still in his first term as Florida governor, showing the GOP held 64% of his state’s legislative seats.

That means Florida was only 20th in ranking of states, based on Republican control of their governments.

Meanwhile, states such as Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, Arkansas, and even Ohio had far more Republican control without scoring the same success in implementing the pro-American, conservative GOP agenda.

It is noted that this may be about to change. The State Freedom Caucus Network – which is associated with the Freedom Caucus of the House of Representatives – has already “taken root” in a total of 11 states.

It seeks to promote efforts to pass conservative, patriotic legislation in states which already have red majorities and no Democrat support would be needed.

The report points out that GOP state legislators nationwide are already joining the pro-conservative wave spearheaded by the State Freedom Caucus Network.

It also points to a quote by DeSantis, who during his US House tenure was a founding Freedom Caucus member, proclaiming his hopes that other GOP-led states would outdo Florida’s example.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.